Oregon Game Studies Conference 2016


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UO Think.Play is proud to announce the 2016 Oregon Games Studies Conference. OGSC is a multidisciplinary video game conference, bringing together speakers, students, and academics from various backgrounds to speak on games and the culture that surrounds them.

OGSC16 will take place on the University of Oregon campus on January 16th, 2016. It is a FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC event. We only ask that attendees be respectful and adhere to our code of conduct, available to read here.

The Oregon Game Studies Conference is an event that expands on this goal to include individuals and groups outside the UO community. OGSC is an opportunity to discuss video games in an academic setting and to share personal undertakings in video game studies and development.

We invite students, faculty, staff, and community members to participate in the conference by filling out the OGSC16 Sign Up Form.

Different ways to get involved include:

Student Research Presentation

Any university student, graduate and undergraduate, currently doing academic investigation in video game culture and design are invited to present their work. University students who are hoping to present their research on a video game related subject should provide a short abstract describing their topic. The presentation should run no more than 20 minutes, which will be followed by an informal discussion with the audience.

Video Game Developer and Artist Show Participant

OGSC will have an exhibition room separate from the panel room that is dedicated to displaying locally made video games and video game art. Individuals and groups who would like to show their games or game related art should submit a short description of their work and their predicted need for space and equipment.

Conference Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to monitor the conference rooms, help set up equipment, and offer needed assistance to OGSC panelists. Volunteers will be expected to present for the full duration of the conference, and they are guaranteed the chance to attend at least two panels of their choice. Anyone interested in being a volunteer should supply their contact information and wait for further instruction.

Again, if you’re interested in signing up for any of these positions please fill out the online form located here: OGSC16 Sign Up Form

OGSC 2016 Schedule: coming soon!

Please direct all questions about the conference and the submission process to: uothinkplay@gmail.com

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Conference Organizers:
Dante Douglas, Ana Lind, Blake Brown, Alex Mayer, Casey Brees, and Nate Boyd