Tonight at Think.Play: Journalism & Gaming With Eder Campuzano!

Gamers, gaming enthusiasts, lifestylers, and acquaintances! We’re so glad to have you all still with us here at Week 8. We’ve had a number of highly productive and engaging conversations so far in our humble little corner of Knight Library (as well as a lot of fun), and we’re just getting the discussion started!

Join us in 101 Knight tonight for a very special discussion on contemporary themes in video game journalism hosted and led by current director for audience engagement  and former senior managing editor at The Emerald, UO’s Eder Campuzano. We will begin with a brief history of journalism in the U.S., followed by a history of games journalism, as well as the evolution of games publications from hobbyist pastime to professional endeavor. We’ll then transition to exploring the newly blurred line that emerged in the industry between hobbyist and journalist, ethics policies across the industry, before finally concluding with an examination of GamerGate’s claims. Bring your questions, comments, and informed opinions!

We’re delighted to host Eder, and his expansive journalism resume. Eder is the director for audience engagement at The Emerald. He’s interned for The Oregonian and the News-Register in McMinnville. He also wrote for the Dualshockers gaming blog, where he covered everything from breaking announcements about Pokémon games to squabbles between the largest Battlefield fan community and DICE. In addition, Eder was a digital managing editor at Flux magazine.

When he’s not playing games or teaching young whippersnappers how to embed Google Maps in stories about campus crime, Eder is probably reading up on how journalism will change the world and praying that those predictions are right.

We hope to see you there!


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