Battle of the Rock Bands: Spring Term Event

Have you ever wanted to be in a band? To play in front of a live audience and be showered with love and admiration? Whether you know how to play instruments or not here is an opportunity to participate in a musical competition of epic proportions! Battle of the Rock Band is a tournament featuring the video game Rock Band in which bands will compete against each other for prizes and glory. 

WHERE: Room 123 (aka the Great Room) of The Global Scholars Hall

WHEN: Saturday, May 24th.Competitions begins @ 8:30pm (Optional Rehearsal @ 7:00pm)

To compete in the Battle of the Rock Bands, your band must have 1-4 members, righteous showmanship, and a radical band name. Sign up your band online at and get ready to rock! Also join the Facebook event page and invite your friends:


An available song list for Think.Play’s copy of Rock Band will be posted on the Facebook event page and the Think.Play website prior to the competition.


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