Autumnal Triathlon

Think.Play has just concluded the Autumnal Triathlon of 2013, our big end-of-the-term event!

The Steering Committee toiled over the Triathlon for the last month or so. Like last spring, we partnered with the Global Scholars Hall to host the event. The Global Scholars Hall Government donated $75 for drinks and snacks again to help weary bodies dance, solve puzzles, and crash cars. Big City Gamin’ and Pegasus Pizza generously donated prizes for the winningest players. Over 30 people came together tonight to compete collaboratively in three events:

  1. Just Dance (Wii): Highest Combined Score
  2. Pokemon Puzzle League (Wii): Highest Combined Score in Team Timed Event
  3. Burnout 2 (PS2): Highest Damage ($) Attributed in Multi-Car Collision (Crash Mode)
Team Name Members
Oretachi Emily and Lauren
Grumps Zack “Grump” Prichard and James “Not-So-Grump” Poling
Team Blitzkrieg Shadwick and Steven
Megiliza Megan and Eliza
Science Rash Jon Paull and Iris Bull
The Dream Team Ali and Patrick
Team Rocket Cory Ingram and Laura Barbour
The Hobbits Rebecca Tobe and Tessa Freeland
Supasupe Avante and Kendall
Platypus Ninjas Alex and Ana
Sidalex Sid and Alex Mayer

The Results

Teams were ranked against each other in each event. To determine the most “winningest” team, rankings in the three categories were summed.

Team Name Just Dance Pokemon Burnout Sum Total Ranking
Team Rocket 1 4 1 6 1st
Megiliza 2 1 7 10 2nd
Sidalex 4 3 6 13 3rd
Science Rash 9 2 4 15 4th
Team Blitzkrieg 5 8 5 18 5th
The Dream Team 10 5 3 18 5th
The Hobbits 11 6 2 19 6th
Supasupe 6 7 9 22 7th
Oretachi 7 9 8 24 8th
Platypus Ninjas 3 11 10 24 8th
Grumps 8 10 11 29 9th

The top (or lowest, however you look at it) 4 teams got to choose from 4 possible prize packages that split pizza gift certificates and Big City Gamin’ gift certificates. 3 other gift certificates were raffled for other attendees that did not place in the top 4, but Iris and Jon of team Science Rash forfeited their Big City Gamin’ gift certificate so that 4 people could win certificates in the raffle. Raffle winners were determined by lining participants up, assigning everyone a number, and then using an app to randomly choose winning numbers.

Everyone on the Steering Committee is so grateful for everyone’s contributions to the event—it turned out to be a fantastic pre-finals break!



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