Defining games: not an easy challenge!

Hey all!

Jon here. Last night Think.Play met and had it’s first discussion based meeting since all of the craziness began a few weeks ago. The good news is that it went really well!

We started off thinking about what a game is and isn’t. We spent a great deal of time coming to a consensus on some universal traits that make something a game, and what we came up with was pretty interesting. You can find our list of game-traits within the slides that were used during the talk.

Freedom Bridge Picture

Freedom Bridge was one of the ‘games’ we played. Was it fun? Sort of. Does that make it more or less of a game? Certainly not.

One of the more interesting distinctions that the group hovered around was the difference between simulations and games. Simulations can occur within games, but a simulation running by itself lacks interactivity, a trait that we decided was a pre-requisite for something to be a game.

Overall it was a fun night, and it is good to be back in the swing of things. Remember that, if you would like to lead a discussion, or you have an idea of some discussion(s) you would like to see happen, let the Steering Committee know. Until next time!


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