Audio for Jacob’s Indie Game Development Economics Talk

Hello everyone! I am writing today to inform you all of some good news; I have finished cutting up another audio file for your listening pleasure. Cut up is a term I like to throw around I guess because this is still a beast of an audio file weighing in at around 40 minutes long. Inside, you will hear about the wonders of the game industry and its financial inner workings.

I also want to note that very soon, I will be implementing a rotating system for the audio on the blog. I’ll try and keep the most recent audio up for streaming, but as new talks are recorded and uploaded, they will take priority for streaming. Don’t fret though! What I will do is change the older streams to a download link, so you can still listen to the older discussions. Now, without further ado, here is the audio.


Since finals week is essentially upon us, I want to wish everyone a restful spring break! See you all in a few weeks.


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