I Wanna Be The Guy source code released

Michael O’Reilly (often known by the handle Kayin) has released the source code of his seminal masocore masterpiece I Wanna Be The Guy. Check this post in which he explains the poor state of the code, gives a few guidelines for use, and provides a link to the download.

Yeah, but where do you keep the BIG bosses?

Requirements for use are based in common sense, including:

  • You may release variants/rom hacks THAT ARE PROPERLY LABELED.
  • You may yank out engines and code and use them freely.
  • You may take credit for any work you do, just exercise good taste. Do not do a few changes to IWBTG and act like it’s your own work. If you use and borrow code, just credit me for that — the rest of the work is clearly yours though.
  • You, as a COMMUNITY, may (and should) try and band together to fix up the main game for a new, bugfixed release.

Very cool! Of course, you can find a love letter to IWBTG on our Game Now page. Coders, get tinkering!


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