Gaming at the U of O: Success!

It’s official. Think.Play’s first event of the academic year went off without a hitch and was fantastic. Plenty of people showed up to watch the game on the big screen in the LLC, and many people who did also decided to throw it down in a Smash Bros. game or show their gun-slinging skills in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Here are some pictures that were snapped from a phone onsite as evidence of our success.

Gaming at the U of O from outside

The view from outside. COD on the left, Smash on the right.

Gaming at the U of O inside view

Look at all those people!

There was also a subtle undercurrent of Minecraft present, as played on a laptop. I have a feeling Minecraft will be a constant presence as the year moves forward. There was even a group of rag-tag freedom fighters who were trying formulate a feasible way to do a U of O  Minecraft server (please share your thoughts as well). Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Moving on from the large and in charge Gaming at the U of O, we’ve got an event tentatively slated for week 3. Once we firm up the time and place, we’ll let you all know when and where to come for more gaming exploration and fun-time merriment. Until next time folks!


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