Tonight’s Event: Gaming at the U of O

As the incoming freshman class at the University of Oregon has seen in their Week of Welcome handbooks, Think.Play is hosting an event Saturday, 9/24. OMG, that’s tonight! Swing by the Living Learning Center Performance Hall (room 101) 7:30p-8:30p to learn about the collision of gaming and academics on our very own campus.

Of course, we’ll be playing too. Get your CoD:BlOps fix, explore the minimalist design of Limbo, or throw down in a SSB: Brawl tournament that will surely shake this venerable learning institution to its very foundations.


Did you suffer severe football withdrawals during the off-season? Has your doctor prescribed a steady diet of Oregon dominance on Saturdays? Fear not! We’ll have the Ducks’ Pac-12 opener at Arizona streaming live onto the big screen in addition to the pure liquid joy described above.


You’ve got the fever, and we’ve got the cure. See you tonight!


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