Arcade-O-Vision: TMNT

I am absolutely crushed that I won’t be able to attend an upcoming collaborative performance between Filmusik and Ground Kontrol. I am fanatical about Filmusik, a group in Portland, OR that dubs over cult classics/foreign/awesome films with original lyrics and sounds. I say lyrics because they sing opera! That Filmusik would pair itself with an arcade cohort — I just want to melt. Here’s a description of the event as it appeared in my inbox:

Combining 80′s arcade classics with live 8-bit inspired music, it’s the newest craze hitting the nation (and by nation we mean… just here).. Arcade-O-Vision is an interactive concert that champions the joystick and bubblegum arcade of yesteryear while bringing local bands to soundtrack the games live.

Arcade-O-Vision – TMNT from Galen Huckins on Vimeo.

Go in my place!

July 14th – Hollywood Theatre
7pm – 1990 Movie Screening
9pm – Arcade Rumble + Live Music
Tickets $8 for both


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