Currently at the Schnitzer (for a few more days): Peter Sarkisian’s Video Works

There is an excellent collection currently on display at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art that will be of interest to anyone studying screen mediation in general and/or video games in particular.  Video Works 1996-2008 is a selection of Peter Sarkisian’s work with video, screens, and space that explores the boundaries, roles, and definitions of screen mediation.

In other words: visiting the gallery is a crazy experience, and one that should not be missed.  The experience as a whole is somewhat overwhelming and decentering; it might not be a bad idea to plan two short visits instead of one long visit.

Of particular interest is the piece, “Registered Driver,” in which video is projected onto the window of a driver’s-side car door, hilariously (or depressingly) depicting a disinterested commuter making his way through Grand Theft Auto’s traffic.  That’s a poor description; it really must be seen.

The whole collection is highly recommended, but don’t delay.  The collection is only on display for a few more days (until July 10), so take advantage of it while you can!


One thought on “Currently at the Schnitzer (for a few more days): Peter Sarkisian’s Video Works

  1. I stopped by yesterday, and the exhibit was fantastic! Thank you for the recommendation. Sarkisian really makes you think about perception and reality in a whole new way. The ”Extruded Video Engine” display was especially trippy; it made me think about my preconceived notions of mechanics and machines. What is a machine? What noise do I expect a machine to make? My partner and I had a lengthy debate over the “Sleep Defined” piece as well. What the hell was that, anyway?

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